Our Mission

Profit Trends is your essential guide to the market’s emerging, breakthrough and disruptive trends.

By spotting these trends early, investors are guaranteed the biggest returns. They’re able to ride the momentum higher as the rest of the crowd plows in.

Profit Trends is led by experts Matthew Carr and David Fessler, who are skilled at recognizing when trends are forming in high-growth sectors… and subsequently unearthing the most profitable opportunities those trends represent.

Their decades of experience have taught them how to differentiate between trends that are mere fads… and those capable of delivering life-changing returns.

As the saying goes, “There’s always a bull market somewhere.” And the investors who know how to find it will be on the winning side of every trade.

Core Values

First Movers
Economic growth is driven by innovation. Companies focused on innovating earn a first mover advantage in the global marketplace. Investing in the right innovators today could hand people early exposure to the biggest market leaders of tomorrow.

Exclusive Research
We pride ourselves by conducting and sharing exclusive high-quality research on the market’s fastest-growing, disruptive new industries. We offer readers the research needed to make intelligent investment decisions.

Maximum Profits
As investors, our goal is to maximize investment returns while minimizing risks. We strive to achieve this through prudent analysis of the risks involved with any investment, as well as a thorough assessment of its long-term profit potential.