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The Energy Disruption Triangle: Prepare for the Revolution

Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a better way to do it. Find it.”

This philosophy is currently fueling the energy market.

Our nation – and the world – has come to a fork in the road: Uphold the status quo of continued fossil fuel use and its unintended consequences… or adapt to and embrace a sustainable energy future.

I choose the latter. Indeed, technological advances are leading us in the direction of phasing out traditional energy sources.

Since electricity was first generated and distributed for profit, the process has changed little. Customers use electricity as soon as utilities generate it because they don’t have a cost-effective means of storing electricity.

But that’s all about to change.

Soon utilities, industrial users, commercial users and homeowners will all be able to cheaply store electricity. That will enable them to use it whenever they choose.

That’s a big deal. It has huge ramifications for the entire energy sector.

This is just one part of the big disruption coming in energy… Actually, it’s a combination of three distinct yet interconnected developments – each a technological disruption in and of itself.

I call it the “Energy Disruption Triangle.” It’s the intersection of three generation-defining elements: solar energy, electric vehicles and battery storage.

Together, these three elements are disrupting the way we generate, use and store electricity.

We are already in the beginning stages of this black swan event. Yet most people don’t know what’s coming.

A Real-World Guide for the New Energy Era

In order to expand on the Energy Disruption Triangle for my readers, I undertook a huge project…

I wrote a book.

The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy is a treatise on the energy revolution’s real-world impacts. It’s also a handbook for anyone looking to weather the storm.

In it, I explore the state of U.S. energy from source to consumer and provide insight into the previously mentioned sectors that are changing the world.

As technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, the nation’s energy habits will experience a dramatic upheaval. This book provides actionable guidance to help you thrive in this new energy era.

In short, you’ll…

    • Learn how our energy supplies – and usage – are changing
    • Understand why energy storage matters and how the technology is evolving
    • Explore the history and future of groundbreaking energy technologies
  • Delve into the disruption of the U.S. energy supply and the possibility of energy independence.

Prepare for the Revolution

For at least the next decade, energy storage will see exponential growth. It’s what utilities have been waiting for.

But when the dust settles, our ability to store energy and use it when we need it is going to have profound and positive effects on our way of life.

In this book, I examine the rise of solar energy, electric vehicles and energy storage, as promised.

But you’ll soon learn that the powerful combination of the three will be the true disruption.

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