Technology runs the world around us – from the mundane to those things that were once just science fiction. No industry has minted more millionaires – and more life-changing gains for investors – than technology. Breakthroughs and changing social trends have made technology stocks must-owns in every investor’s portfolio, from the blue chip mega caps to the latest Silicon Valley startup successes poised to disrupt the old guard.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper Aims to Provide Global Wi-Fi Network

Project Kuiper cements Amazon as one of the prominent contenders in the new-age space race.

5G Set to Change Mobile World As We Know It

As mobile networks prepare to shift into 5G, investors should seek to capitalize on strategic long-term investments.

Esports Poised to Be the Next Breakthrough Industry

Get ready to score gains from this burgeoning global phenomenon.

Emerging Tech

3 AI-Focused Stocks to Watch

Major players are investing heavily in AI. But in their shadows are much smaller companies that also show great promise.

Exxon, Microsoft Join Forces to Increase Oil Output With Cloud Tech

This deal with Exxon gives Microsoft a platform to expand its cloud and AI technologies.

Emerging Tech

The Ethics of Gene Editing

In spite of the ethical questions being raised, the benefits gene editing can unleash will make the journey worthwhile.

Emerging Tech

CRISPR Therapeutics Stock Jumps on Trial Breakthrough

CRISPR’s stock jumped Monday after the company announced it successfully treated a patient with the gene editing technology.

Emerging Tech

Artificial Intelligence ETFs to Consider

The news has been saturated with talks of China and the U.S. Amid the trade…Read more

Virtual Currency

Bitcoin Buy Signal Surfaces Again

A key indicator suggests that right now might be the best moment to get back into cryptocurrencies.

Investors Suffer Due to Information Overload

It’s debatable whether all the information available on the internet makes us “better” or “more informed” investors.