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Medical Cannabis for Pets Is a Real Option

We love our furry and feathered family members.

But this love isn’t cheap.

Americans drop a sizable amount of dough each year to care for their pets. And with each passing year, new records are set…

This year, Americans are expected to spend more than $75 billion on their pets.

To put that in perspective, that’s roughly equal to what Americans spend on video games, doughnuts, firearms and McDonald’s… combined!

Because of this enormous opportunity, the pet market has become a focus for cannabis companies. Even Martha Stewart joined forces with Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) to tackle this new frontier.

Not to mention, in recent episodes we’ve heard from a number of CEOs whose companies are expanding into pet care.

For these reasons, I was excited to sit down with Stephen Cital of the Veterinary Cannabis Academy.

He told us about the science behind using cannabis to treat our pets and what kinds of ailments it can be used to treat.

We also talked about medication delivery systems, as well as the difficulties in getting treatments approved.

Lastly, Cital gave us some insight into whether there are specific suppliers veterinarians rely on and how big this opportunity could ultimately be.

It’s worth noting that major pharmaceutical companies, like Express Scripts, have turned to the pet market to fuel growth. So the upside here is quite substantial.

This is an area of serious research looking to treat serious ailments. So investors need to understand the scope of the opportunity…

There’s a reason cannabis companies are taking the plunge and creating pet care product lines…

I mean, just look at how much we’re willing to spend on our pets!

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Here’s to high returns,