CannaBiz Now!

Matthew Carr With Lighthouse Strategies’ Michael Hayford

There is no sector more exciting right now than cannabis-infused beverages.

Companies that so much as mention they’re entering the arena see their shares soar!

But those that have been in the business much longer are reaping the rewards of the enthusiastic tailwinds too. Their revenue projections, which were originally scoffed at, are now being taken seriously.

In this week’s episode of CannaBiz Now! I talk to Michael Hayford, CEO of Lighthouse Strategies.

Lighthouse is involved in a variety of infused beverages, including tea and craft beer. And its Two Roots Brewing Co. investment is poised to be an enormous winner.

Hayford believes current expectations that infused beverages will be a $600 million industry are a gross underestimation. In fact, he outlines how this could potentially be an opportunity in the tens of billions of dollars.

He shares with us the sales trends he’s seeing, the company’s plans for a potential reverse takeover and the steps it’s taking to begin trading publicly.

This interview is packed with detailed information… so be sure to check it out!

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