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Matthew Carr With Inhale MD’s Dr. Jordan Tishler

The Massachusetts cannabis market is projected to be worth $1.8 billion. That puts it up there with Colorado’s, Michigan’s and Washington’s in terms of size.

And there’s a lot of exciting news coming out of the state.

This week, the first two Massachusetts recreational dispensaries opened.

In the larger picture, these are also the first adult-use dispensaries to open on the East Coast.

So it’s a major milestone. Not just for the state’s cannabis market but for the entire regional market.

In today’s edition of CannaBiz Now!, I share part of my recent trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to interview Dr. Jordan Tishler.

Dr. Tishler is the president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists and the founder of Inhale MD. He’s a Harvard Medical School graduate whose interest in the medical properties of cannabis piqued after years as an emergency room doctor.

Dr. Tishler and I discussed the future of the medical marijuana market in the U.S. This is an area where he and I share a lot of the same perspectives. The most important of these being that the medical market has the potential to be several times the size of the recreational market.

That’s because of the number of serious ailments that cannabis has the potential to treat.

This is only Part 1 of a very gracious amount of time Dr. Tishler spent with me. So you’ll be seeing more of him in future episodes.


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