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Is Medical Cannabis Covered by Insurance?

Investors are laser-focused on the adult-use market. But there’s a persuasive argument to be made that the medical market will be larger.

That’s because cannabis has a wide range of medical uses. And it wasn’t until recently that marijuana was considered to be a “dangerous drug.”

Five thousand years ago, Chinese emperor Shen Nung prescribed cannabis for a number of different ailments. In ancient India, it was seen as a gift from the gods.

And in Materia Medica, published in A.D. 70, Roman physician Pedanius Dioscorides recommended cannabis for earaches and diminished libido.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that scientists discovered humans had an endocannabinoid system – an entire pathway that reacts to cannabis and affects appetite, memory, energy, stress responses, immune functions, sleep and more.

In the couple of decades since, attitudes toward cannabis have started to shift – especially among medical professionals.

In today’s episode of CannaBiz Now! I sat down once again with Dr. Jordan Tishler. The Harvard-trained physician is president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists and founder of the practice Inhale MD.

He shared with us the most common – and most effective – ailments he prescribes cannabis for. For one condition, he even dubbed cannabis the “knight on the white horse” (and it’s not pain or cancer).

Dr. Tishler also explained what he thinks is ahead for medical cannabis. And we delved into cannabis’ ability to battle the opioid crisis – as either an alternative or a treatment.

Lastly, Dr. Tishler shared how big he thinks the medical marijuana market will ultimately be.

As with all our interviews with Dr. Tishler, you’ll walk away with new insights and knowledge – an imperative in today’s rapidly changing cannabis industry.

Here’s to high returns,