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Emerald Health CEO Avtar Dhillon on Canada’s Marijuana Excise Tax

It’s been a rough stretch recently for cannabis companies. And for some, the past couple of days have been a sea of red.

Infamous short seller Citron Research has once again set its sights on the industry. And this caused a number of share prices to tumble… including those of companies in charge of a joint venture for one of the largest grow operations in cannabis.

Village Farms International (Nasdaq: VFF) and Emerald Health Therapeutics (OTC: EMHTF) have 19 football fields of grow space at their Pure Sunfarms facility.

And it’s this production that Emerald Health plans to rely on to expand across the whole of Canada.

In today’s episode of CannaBiz Now! I sat down once again with Emerald Health’s CEO, Dr. Avtar Dhillon. We talked about Pure Sunfarms and how much of the space is licensed, as well as the production the company sees ahead from the operation.

We also delved into Emerald’s move into the CBD market.

The Canadian producer has agreed to step up purchases of hemp. At the same time, Emerald is getting some help from an unlikely place – the government. Canada is rolling back excise taxes on low-THC products and Dr. Dhillon shares how this will impact companies.

Of course, we also discussed the question on every investor’s mind: When will the Canadian cannabis shortage end?

Dr. Dhillon’s answer probably isn’t what some want to hear.

But he does share with us a new opportunity Emerald has on the horizon. And it’s a little different from what the company has focused on before.

Here’s to high returns,