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Does CBD Work for Pain? MD Answers

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has ignited a firestorm of interest in hemp… and its most coveted end product: hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).

This is an opportunity worth tens of billions of dollars. CBD is going to be found in everything from beverages, beauty products and food to candy, salves, balms and whatever else it can be crammed into.

We’ve covered this extensively over the past year, even before the bill had worked its way into the mainstream discussion.

But what’s not often discussed is the efficacy of CBD.

Is it for everyone? Does it even work? How much do you need?

These are controversial questions that are often glossed over.

Today, we’re once again joined by Dr. Jordan Tishler, founder of Inhale MD and president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists.

He shares his medical view of CBD as a treatment. He then discusses the No. 1 issue his patients face and does a little myth busting to boot.

It’s an educational interview investors won’t want to miss.

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