Articles by David Fessler

An LED Lighting Investment Opportunity

The demand for LED lighting is rapidly increasing. And one company is quietly disrupting the entire sector.

100 U.S. Cities Pledge to Reach 100% Clean Energy

U.S. consumers are increasingly demanding renewable energy in their homes, cities and states.

When’s the Best Time to Charge an EV?

More utilities will adopt incentives that steer EV owners to charge during times of excess grid capacity.

4 ETFs to Play the EV Influx

Volkswagen and other carmakers are rapidly moving to produce more EVs. Here’s how to play the coming influx.

Tesla Delivers on $35K Model 3, Teases Model Y

Here are a few arguments for owning Tesla shares in today’s market.

5 Alternative Energy Plays to Watch

Investors have a few choices – both in the U.S. and abroad – when it comes to investing in offshore wind and solar energy plays.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Sparks Controversy

The Green New Deal aims to have the country carbon-free in just a decade.

What Is the “Carbon Dividend”?

Certain legislators want to incentivize American companies and consumers to move toward greener energy solutions.

The Energy Disruption Triangle: Prepare for the Revolution

Three elements are disrupting the way we generate, use and store electricity.

Tesla Secures Top Three Best-Selling EV Spots in U.S. for 2018

Tesla is a pioneering game changer in the world of EVs. Here’s how it fared in 2018.